Navigating Global Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Occupational Health: Shaping the Future for Sustainability

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

5-8 August 2026


The Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia (AOEMM) is set to host the 24th edition of the Asian Congress on Occupational Health (ACOH) in 2026. This triennial congress is part of the activity of an Asian Association for Occupational and Environmental Health (AAOEH).

ACOH 2026 aims to bring together experts and practitioners, promote sustainable approaches to occupational health, facilitate knowledge sharing, and encourage collaboration between academia and the workplace in order to advance the field of Occupational Health in the region.

It builds on the success of the 23rd ACOH 2023 which was held from November 22-25, 2023 at EXCO, Daegu, South Korea.

ACOH 2026 with the theme "Navigating Global Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Occupational Health: Shaping the Future for Sustainability" will be held from 5-8 August 2026 at the Boneo Convention Centre Kuching, Sarawak.


The primary objective of the conference is to bring together experts and practitioners in the field of Occupational Health from different regions. This gathering facilitates the exchange of ideas, best practices, and learnings across different cultures and regions. By doing so, it promotes a richer understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Occupational Health on a global scale.

The conference aims to serve as a platform for discussing the future of Occupational Health in a rapidly evolving global environment. Emphasis is placed on exploring and promoting sustainable, future-proof approaches to occupational health. This objective recognizes the dynamic nature of the field and the need to adapt to changing workplace conditions, technologies, and global challenges.

The conference provides a space for the sharing of scientific research and advancements in the field of contemporary Occupational Health. This objective supports the long-term sharing of knowledge, encouraging ongoing discussions about current issues and emerging trends. It also helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that research informs practical applications in the workplace.

Another key objective of the conference is to create a space where academics, researchers, and Occupational Health practitioners can establish collaborative links. By fostering connections between these two groups, the
congress promotes the integration of research findings and academic insights into real-world workplaces. This collaboration contributes to the development of evidence-based strategies for enhancing workplace health and safety.


The scientific programme includes three plenaries and 12 symposia covering topics such as Sustainable Practices in Occupational Health, Innovations in Occupational Health, Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene and Mental Health and Wellbeing. There will also be Poster and Free Paper Presentations throughout the three-day event.

The theme “Navigating Global Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Occupational Health: Shaping the Future for Sustainability” encompasses the exploration of diverse cultural perspectives on occupational health while focusing on future-oriented strategies and sustainable practices in the field. It encourages discussions and presentations that examine how these cross-cultural perspectives can inform the future of occupational health in a way that supports sustainability and well-being.


Dr Abu Hasan Samad

Congress Chair

Dr Sathya Subramaniam

Congress Secretary

Datin Dr Norsayani Binti Mohamad Yaakob

Congress Treasurer

Dr Abed Onn

Congress Vice-Chairman

Prof Dr Victor Hoe Chee Wai

Congress Chair of Scientific Committee

Countdown to Congress

Important Dates

Registration Open: 01-Apr-2025

Registration Close: 15-Jul-2026

Early Bird Registration: 01-April-2025 to 31-May-2026

Normal Registration: 01-Jun-2026 to 15-Jul-2026

Onsite Registration: 05 to 08-Aug-2026

Abstract Submission Open: 01-Jun-2025

Abstract Submission Close: 01-Apr-2026

Abstract Notification: 15-Sep-2025 for abstract received before 01-Sep-2025

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